Getting a Library Card is easy!

Have you thought about getting a Library Card, but didn’t know how?  Were you worried that you didn’t have time to stop by the Library to fill out the application?  Well, we have some good news for you!

There are two ways you can easily get a Library Card so you can start enjoying a lifetime of reading.  


Any citizen of Montour County, Rush Township, and Riverside Borough is eligible to obtain a card free of charge.  Simply stop by our main desk and one of our staff will be happy to help you.  It will only take a few minutes, but it’s well worth it!


If you fill out the application online, you can stop in and pick up your card on your own schedule.  The steps are easy!

 1. On a computer, go to and move your cursor to where it says Library Catalog in the upper right-hand corner.  

2.  On the next screen, click on the Register button right in the middle of the screen.

3.  Fill in all your information and when complete, click on the submit button.

Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed by our staff and if they have any questions they will contact you.  The application, once approved, will be placed in the Pending File awaiting your pickup.